‘Billy’ Testifies About Sexual Abuse By Priest and Teacher

Click here to read: “Man, 24, testifies of childhood assaults by priest, teacher,” by Allison Steel, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly.com, January 16.


The first time Billy ever spoke of being molested was in an impulsive confession to his best friend in high school, he testified, when the two were sophomores. They were discussing a teacher they found “creepy” because of the way he hugged his students and stood overly close to them, and Billy said he told his friend why he was so bothered by it.

The friend, Leo Hernandez, testified Tuesday that he felt angry after Billy’s confession, but that the two did not speak much more about it. Hernandez never told anyone for fear of betraying Billy’s trust, he said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not too easy to tell a guy that you were touched,” he said. “It’s hard for me to talk about it in front of all these people, so I can only imagine.”

6 thoughts on “‘Billy’ Testifies About Sexual Abuse By Priest and Teacher

  1. I find it appalling the way the defense team is attacking Billy. In as much as the third “accused” has already plead guilty I think Billy’s credibility is above reproach.

  2. John,

    Appalling? I would describe the cross-examination as thorough. More may come to light if Avery gets to testify.

    Let’s see.

  3. There. seems to be so much talk about the inner workings in the Catholic church..which is natural considering we all have been so indoctrinated by their rules and regulations.. But there must be a realazation that what we hate about the church is the Corporate part! Not the part that JESUS CHRIST has been to us in our lives. REMEMBER WHAT HE SAID TO. us. You did not call Me I CALLED YOU” The Catholic. church didn’t call you. JESUS CHRIST CALLED YOU!’ This is a very FREEING THING TO KNOW.! .CHRIST CALLED YOU!..not a corporate entity which we have all found out it to be. With a side line of their type of Christianity to lure us in. GOD IS GREATER THAN ANY corporation! HE HAS GIVEN US A CHOICE. TRUTH IN HIM or belief in a place with no fruits from them. just agony for HIS BELOVED. INNOCENTS. HE DOES NOT TAKE OUR FREE WILL..but they do..by fear. WE FEAR GOD ONLY!

  4. So now Avery sees a possible out so changes his plea! Wheeling and dealing, makes no difference if guilty or not. Just what is easiest for him. Did he ever ask, “What would Jesus do?” I mean he is a priest. Jesus had several opportunities do “Do a deal”. Didn’t happen. This creature is scum!

    1. “…then he comes back into someone else’s trial and says that he didn’t do it.”


      Looks likes typical criminal behavior to me. Avery agrees to take the plea so that he doesn’t have to die in prison if convicted (saving his own neck). Once he got that out of the way, he had the chance to make myself look better to the public by saying, “I didn’t do it.”

      The has nothing to lose. That statement helps him and Lynn. Criminals lie all the time! What percentage of those in prison will openly say, “Yea, I did it?”

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