Avery Recants

Click here: “Priest at center of priest sex abuse case recants,” by Joseph A. Slobodzian and John P. Martin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, January 17, 2013


On the witness stand in the trial of the Rev. Charles Engelhardt and former teacher Bernard Shero – who are accused of raping the same 10-year-old altar boy at St. Jerome’s parish in Northeast Philadelphia – Avery testified that he only pleaded guilty to avoid a longer prison term.


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    1. “Real Love involves real hatred: whoever has lost the power of moral indignation and the urge to drive the sellers from the temples has also lost a living fervent love of Truth” F.S. ps I am praying that Jesus be your Simon to help you carry your cross in life no matter what that maybe. He is helping me carry mine at this very moment.Peace.

  1. He’s a CRIMINAL………..should we expect anything less? I continue to be amazed at the irony and hypocrisy as the history of clergy sexual abuse here in Philadelphia unfolds with each passing year.

    Has anyone every told the guilt-pleading Father Avery that he is doing an injustice to his own name?

    To AVER – Definition – To affirm positively; declare.
    To assert formally as a fact

  2. So Avery, which lies are victims of clergy abuse to believe? Is it possible that Avery could spend even more time in jail for committing perjury?

    Victims of child sex abuse deserve justice, and child predators need to be kept far away from kids forever. This is the only for sure way to keep our children safe today.

    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail.com,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

        1. So, I have five thumbs down. I believe that someone might be voting more that once. That being said, I want at least one person to explain their rational.

          Why would anyone want to see a convicted pedophile get LESS prison time?

  3. One of the best blogs from the priest abuse trial blog


    Does anyone remember an article from last year stating that other victims of Avery had come forward? Outside the time of prosecution because of the statutes but a handful of other victims? I will try to locate that. Well from this blog post and all the other info on Avery,nothing is surprising. His testimony will impact this trial but as the article implies, much more ramifications for the Lynn conviction.

  4. I recall the therapist I met who has worked with many priest pedophiles telling me that they are all liars who cannot be trusted. Therapists don’t talk that way about clients…

    And, it has already been established that Avery is a liar.

  5. This is sickening. As if this poor young man has not been through enough Hell, he now has to put up with all three of these monsters lying about what they did to him. How much should a person have to endure? Hopefully, the jury will believe him and not them. Hopefully, they’ll realize that the idea of Billy making this all up is preposterous, but that these men lying is extremely believable. I continue to be astounded, yet not surprised, by the evil within these men.

    1. Disillusioned: I feel the same as you feel. Knowing Billy has to see his offenders and listen to their lies is terrible, and I feel, for Billy, Rich, and all the victims, my heart aches with pain. The priests, ex-priests, bishops, cardinals, pope are not men of God, they do not represent Jesus, Our Lord, they represent the lowest of the low, the evil one, who is alive and well on this earth.
      I know priests who are just as upset as myself, and I am trying to understand why they do not speak out…….

  6. As I sat through the attempted couched lies avery tried to provide I wanted very hard to understand why a person accused of crimes he denies committing would agree to plead out even though the previous crimes were barred by the SOL, I know Avery is not a altruist, narcissistic maybe. It was shocking to hear Avery claim he was indigent even though he admitted that he bought a house for a dollar and sold it for a million, I certainly could enjoy that type of poverty. The denials by Avery to questions put fort by the prosecutor were in fact admissions. It is clear that Avery who is seventy years old is just someone who believes that the abuse of his victims was just horseplay, very sad for a man of his advanced age with not much life left to be in denial, I hope the creator does NOT have mercy on his soul ! I also wonder if Avery is an heir to the stationaries and if he receives renumeraton or royalties

  7. Oh my God, I just read the blog that Kathy Kane highlighted from March of 20l2. It is Avery’s history with children, etc. Billy Doe certainly wasn’t his only victim. Absolutely disgusting that this man could lie again at today’s trial and cast doubt on Billy’s testimony. Can the prosecutors in this case bring up this history thta was introduced at Lynn’s trial? I sure hope so. It will show the jury what a liar this creature is.

  8. If we can accept it was done for expediency, we can believe anything.
    What a mentality!!!
    I’m damned sure I wouldn’t acccept anything I wasn’t responsible for!
    There’s no laurels to receive in connecting it to the Sufferings of Christ either considering he’s an”indian giver”.

  9. When I think nothing can make me more upset, disgusted & furious with those rotten pedophile priests ~ avery says his denial lies.

    Poor poor Billy and all the other victims.

    I am saying lots & lots of prayers for all of them

  10. “Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott

  11. Say you are accused of sexually abusing a child. You are being brought to trial. You did not do it. For real, you did not do it. You can risk failing to prove you did not do it at your trial or you can take a plea deal, serving less time than if you fail to prove you did not do it at your trial. Eee gads. You’re a pew sheep, so you take your dilemma to your parish priest. “Bless me, Father, I did not do it. Do I risk the trial or take the plea deal?”

    Father: You risk the trial, garnering your courage from your innocence, your dignity, God’s loving and protective ways, and your fundamental belief in justice and the justice system.

    Avery: I’ll take the plea deal.

    Father: You are one, guilty, and pathetic specimen of a priest and human being.

      1. “There is nothing lower on the food chain than a pedophile.” (A comment posted to a story about the abuse and cover up in the LA archdiocese.)

        Joe, no amount of skepticism regarding the justice system would compel an innocent person to plead guilty to child sexual abuse and cop a plea deal. Put yourself in the shoes of an innocent person charged with being a pedophile. Every fiber of your being– the totality of your mind, your conscience, your heart, your soul, and your spirit– would fight to dispute such a repugnant claim.

        1. Kate,

          I beg to differ.

          It’s more than just idle skepticism about the Philadelphia justice system vis-a-vis the Catholic Church. Take a careful read over Ralph Cipriano’s recent posts (www.bigtrial.net) and wait for the outcome of this trial.

          You’re absolutely right about the ‘totality of one’s being disputing such a repugnant claim’ – – this is what Ed Avery did last week.

          1. Joe, the jury will decide this case and I have been following the blogs on the Big Trial, always well done. Even the Avery/Lynn conviction could be affected by this trial testimony in some ways. You do realize though that Avery was on the top of the guilty section of the shredded memo for the abuse of (James) Bob who has commented on this site. The Church believed Bob although of course Avery was cycled around before finally being defrocked in 2006…so you do realize this? Avery, who was already found guilty of abuse by the Church,then plead guilty to the abuse of another child,has now reversed himself. I am just wondering what kind of faith you put in that person?

          2. Hi Kathy.

            Yes, I am aware of all this information (including the ‘Avery Files’) and the testimony / letters offered by Dr. Fisher.

          3. Joe,

            You stated, that you are “…aware of all this information (including the ‘Avery Files’) and the testimony / letters offered by Dr. Fisher.”

            What is it that you’re objecting to, and/or trying to defend? I’m have a hard time understanding your position.

            In a few succinct sentences please help me to understand your reasoning. I DON’T GET IT!

    1. (From the Huffington article in Kate’s post)…”In the Big Apple, Timothy Dolan has cultivated a happy Irishman image that has won-over much of the public, Catholic and non-Catholic alike…”
      (Jerry Slevin comments below the article) “…Please don’t blame Dolan on the Irish and I won’t blame his mentor, Rigali, on the Italians. Blame them both instead on an unaccountable Vatican that President Obama must promptly join Australia’s bold Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, in subjecting to the rule of law. Children deserve no less..”

      Lol. So at least there’s ONE New Yorker who hasn’t been won over by his fake-Irish archbishop’s leprechaun act.

  12. Joe,this may be a first. :). I agree with you.

    I don’t have faith in a flawed justice system.

    It’s what we have to work with. But can you imagine Jesus being directed to cop a plea and sell out his integrity? I’m NOT suggesting Avery is anything near Jesus. Or that he’s innocent. I just can’t imagine the directive from a person of faith being, “hey, lie if you have to to save your own hide.”

    What kind of priest is that??

    As far as Dolan…he’s always been slippery. It’s just nice to see it in print to share with the world. Hide, evade, lie. What a pathetic human being, as Kate worded it.

  13. “According to two sources, however, the prosecution had asked the judge if Lyman could testify about an incident where his priest cousin had allegedly attempted to have sex with him. The judge, however, ruled against the request, and the witness was allowed to testify only as a reverse character witness.

    Read more at http://www.bigtrial.net/2013/01/two-defendants-elect-not-to-testify-in.html#G8Swo0uepgPSP3CI.99

    Out in the hallway, Lyman declined to comment on what he would have said on the witness stand, except to say that the prosecution had been “constrained.” Lyman said he would also like it known that he was “here to support the victim” in this case, the former altar boy known as Billy Doe who was allegedly raped by Father Engelhardt.
    Read more at http://www.bigtrial.net/2013/01/two-defendants-elect-not-to-testify-in.html#G8Swo0uepgPSP3CI.99


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