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  1. Looks to me like the media is largely ignoring the story out of Milwaukee, and Dolan etc.It should have had “legs” at this point IMO.

  2. Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your vacation, because your blog is bound to get busy with the release of the financial report of the archdiocese of Philadelphia that reveals the last two cardinals were engaged, not only in the cover up of crimes against our children, but also involved the cover up of the poor financial status. It was during their watch the stolen and misspent finances occurred. There are so many unbelievable numbers (and what appears to be understated numbers, such as reserves for insurance claims and attorney fees for the Lynn trial, which is on appeal and will generate more fees). One that shocked me was the lack of funding of the priest pension fund. So here is leadership hiding the crimes of priests, causing future massive spending to settle victims claims, and all the while they withhold $ from the pension fund! How about the fact they took $ from the cemeteries-wow-just like LA and that put a cardinal in disgrace out there. I pray I do not get a letter I have to remove my son from St. John Neumann cemetery because they had to sell the land.

    Oh, and the UNDISCLOSED funds taken from the cemetery started the day Cardinal Rigali took over, so who took the money, Cardinal Bevilacqua or Rigali or both.

  3. The media is not giving the story out of Milwaukee, and Dolan the amount of attention I would like to see.

    More importantly, I want to know what type of attention the Feds are giving Dolan. I hope they’re not afraid of him! Was Dolan’s transfer legal? Jerry S., are you still out there? We need some legal advice.

    1. This is not to be believed. Dolan who reported to Rigali in St. Louis where many abuse problems existed goes to Milwaukee and Rigali moves to Philly, then both are involved in moving cemetery funds. Then there is Mahony who was doing the same thing. I can’t keep up. There are issues of telling the faithful of the archdiocese where their $ is bing spent and the transferring of funds and the authorization to do it.

      Regarding the Dolan mess, see: http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local/new_york&id=9158554

  4. Glad you two are back. One of the things I have been looking at lately is the audit done by Tom Doyle and two others into the Capuchin order of priests and brothers regarding their abuse history and changes they are making into how they deal with the problem of sexual abuse of children by clerics in their order. I must give credit to Ed for one of his posts that led me to this information on Bishop Accountability.Org.It appears that Doyle and his two compatriots were invited in to look at the history of abuse within the order and to come up with a game plan on how to deal with victims. This is extremely encouraging to me. The plan they came up with is not perfect. But it could be,in my opinion, a model for Catholic orders of priests, as well as Diocese’s around the country to follow.I will offer a short synopsis. There will be much more pastoral care for victims.. and fair handling of abuse cases. Unlike in the past money spent on sexual abuse claims are being spent on victims, not lawyers.Perhaps most impressive:” It manifests an understanding of the reality that the harmful effects of sexual abuse differ from person to person and that every victim must be treated as an individual”. Wow! Treating victims in a humane way. What a novel idea.

  5. Susan and Kathy, welcome back. We were really getting bored without your presentations. May I please refer the readers to this morning’s NYTimes in the Sunday Review section, an article by Frank Bruni, page 3 titled The Church’s Errant Shepherds. He also goes after Cardinal Dolan as being a “slippery operator” in the abuse crisis. At the same time, I am reading “Mortal Sins” by Michael D’Antonio and that rehashes so much of the history of the sexual abuse crisis and the failure of leadership to take full responsibility in handling this tragic desecration of children.
    I hope that other readers of this blog may be interested in VOTF presentation of Rev. Helmuth Schuller who will be speaking at Chestnut Hill College on July 19th. He is an Austrian Priest leading a group of over 400 priests, deacons and laity in Austria on the theme of “disobedience”. This movement began as the Cardinal of Austria was “retired” after sexual allegations against him were surfaced. So even though the speaker is not directly discussing the sexual abuse issue, his movement was precipitated by the Vatican relieving the Cardinal of the Archdiocese.
    Does anyone have any idea when the other 18-19 trials of sexual abuse will be brought to trial here in Philadelphia??

    1. Father John; Thank you for the book recommendation. Just went to Amazon, read the forward and decided to download on my Kindle. Sometimes it is hard to find relevant reading material. If you come across any more, let me know.

  6. Welcome back Kathy and Susan. Hope you both you and your families had a great time.
    I love how Father Wintermyer said and I quote “failure of leadership to take full responsibillty in handling this tragic “desecration of children”. Beautifully put. I believe that they will never be able to get how they shredded God from most survivors and left us hopeless. I have a great defination of courage which I like a lot. “Courage is fear that has said its prayers”.

  7. Hold on there a minute. Who told Kathy and Susan they could take a vacation? I don’t see that anywhere in the rules or disclosures for this site ! We don’t have these problems when men are in charge of operations.

  8. Look up what’s happening here in Australia, one never knows what’s happening next……it’s a travesty.
    Poor faithful……

  9. Pope JPII…a saint?

    Documented miracles…and years of documented rampant sexual abuse of children on his watch. What they won’t do for publicity.

    1. Sainthood???? This move is nothing but subterfuge! The evil the Church has been involved with has become so public that they need to change the subject. It’s too late for that.

      They’re being as slippery as they can, but the corruption that was once secret is now public. These creeps have been outed, and no damage control will keep their ship afloat.

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