Clergy List Confusion

One of our site members, “Catholic Mom,” noticed that Father John Roebuck’s name still appeared on the archdiocesan clergy list this morning with his contact information changed to “care of the clergy office.” The list details the assignments and affiliations of priests with full faculties (currently in ministry). The names of those with restricted faculties are removed from the list. Roebuck is the former parochial vicar from St. Stanislaus parish in Lansdale who has been charged with indecent assault without consent. He has admitted to touching a man’s genitals at a YMCA. Read article here.

Kathy Kane confirmed with the archdiocesan spokesperson, that Roebuck’s faculties have indeed been restricted and that the clergy list would be changed this afternoon. It was changed all right. He contact information now lists him as back at St. Stanislaus Parish.

Some priests use the the clergy list as a resource to be sure that a priest visiting their school or parish is in good standing. It’s invaluable in the current climate and should be carefully maintained. Not sure if this was a clerical error or something else. We will follow up tomorrow.

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  1. There have been a lot of questions from commenters about the various lists on the AD website. As Susan stated the clergy list is for priests who have full faculties in the Archdiocese.
    Roebuck’s name needed to be removed when he was put on admin leave. Priests within the Philadelphia Archdiocese use the clergy list and depend on that information to be accurate for when other priests will be coming to their parish or school…They can check the list to make sure the priest is in good standing..but then again maybe they can’t.

  2. In all the “confusion” I realized yesterday the catholic church is not catholic at all and that things that are wrong and should be considered sins are not considered that bad by leadership I mean who are we to judge? and things that are crimes are just considered sins ………we are all going to heaven after all right? I mean Jesus came to love everyone and no matter what we do their are no real consequences…………this type of watered down theology has lead to such an acceptance of the unacceptable and the evil………… flash if you don’t repent and turn back to God and reform your life you are going to hell and hopefully before that jail………

  3. 42 days after his arrest..2 days after the Archdiocese was alerted that his name remained on the clergy of this morning Fr John Roebuck remains listed as a priest with full faculties in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

  4. The inaccurate information doesn’t surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone. My thinking is that the Archdiocese is playing some tag with C4C.

  5. I was at adoration yesterday and I was reading and reflecting on the life of Joan of Arc and at one point the author of the book made the comment that Joan of Arc continued to the love the church even while they perscueted her………that she was holy because she trusted in God and I was thinking her church and the church that perscueted her were not the same and that while she trusted in God……..the leaders of the church at her time did not……….and I wept because as true as that was in her time it is true for today and for our times……….

    1. Beth, what has become more and more clear to me is that somewhere things got off track and worshipping man/men became more important than anything.

      1. Ed what I meant was that we became humans worshipping other humans.. obviously in the Church mostly the male priest..but also can’t rule out the nuns. I was in a doctor’s office recently an elderly nun was there and another patient, a man about 60 years old, was following her around dropping his “Catholic card’ telling her the name of every priest and nun he knew..on and on. She could have cared less, she was just trying to schedule her next appointment and be on her way. This 60 year old man behaved like a child in her presence ,trying to impress her, get her attention, even though there was nothing she did to illicit his behavior.
        A priest I knew used to say he felt like some people felt like the closer they stood next to him or the more time they spent with him..the faster they would arrive at the pearly gates when their time came. He was right. It really is all so immature and twisted.

        1. Sorry Kathy, just using the change in words in the liturgy to demonstrate the male dominance of the RCC and how they twisted the meaning of father or in same cases grandfather image.

          My other post was to thank both the women and men. Jesus knew how important women are and may have had a woman as a leader. The RCC in its tradition trashed that woman like they did Joan of Arc.

          Agree, only God is to be worshipped. Priests should not – it is the RCC theology that causes that causes that? Seat of honor while the priest is raping your son or daughter and the ages of some survivors/victims. When my kids convince me to attend Mass I always ask God Why does your church allow this?

          Sorry, that wasn’t my intent – that is why I believe that some have rejected the gift of ministry by their actions and again no human should be worship. We only Worship God, not Mary and the Saints.

          I agree with you.

          1. Kathy does have a life – a very full and happy life. She wishes victims could have the same life. She wants children to have that life. But she doesn’t stop at wants and wishes. She selflessly advocates for change.

    2. Beth,
      Always like the Words “the Word became Flesh” Could never say “He became Man”. Just because we can’t grasp God does not mean we need to give a gender to God and use that to not allow a whole group of Catholics not to receive all of the sacraments available. Remember too many kids who look at us as fathers – teaching. I know the same kids knew the priests on the grand jury reports. Jesus used the image of a Father in His prayer, He can”t be happy. What happened to free will – at what point does a priest/brother or sister demonstrate that they have rejected the gift of religious life or holy orders by their actions? Well aware Jesus is a man would it have been better for Him to be transgender? He could have been a Woman that would have really changed Theology.

      Ed Gunn


    Although I am not a practicing Catholic any longer and if this is true with 100% I believe it is.

    Chaput e-mail address should be flooded.

    The site for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia should be flooded.

    Damn it I’m mad. The last time I looked in the mirror my cheeks did not say slap me here.

    Healing mass for victim/survivors. I will be going when pigs fly.

    1. I was thinking the same thing call and tell the AD. To cancel the healing mass til they get there “house” in order. And then after consulting with our survivors come up with something that would actually move towards healing like a vigil for our survivors that are no longer with us.

  7. The care of our children and the supervision of accused priests are of little or no concern to the leadership of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Reviewing the track record of this group relative to the response of allegations of sexual abuse of children and the ultimate “resolution” of these matters, only a foolish and unreasonable person (Catholics also) would rely, trust and believe in all of the publications, statements, announcements and, yes, personnel and resources currently assigned to the task of protecting our children and supervising credibly accused clergy.

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (Retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

  8. Healing Mass? I’ve been to many Healing Masses in the 1980’s, and the Presence of Our Lord Jesus was a great feeling. There were laying of hands, praise, songs of praise and many other gifts of the Hole Spirit. It was called the charismatic movement.
    My personal feeling for the upcoming “healing Mass” is just for publicity. They are “trying” to reach out, maybe get a picture or 2 of Chaput and people attending the Mass and it would be on the front page of the paper during lent…..This is how I see it.

    I believe the victims/survivors.


  9. Who are my brothers? Who are my sisters? Jesus asked that question. I know the answer…You are my brothers and sisters and that is why I also cannot attend the Mass for victims. I remain the “victims” sister.

  10. In a letter to The Sun Magazine a writer said: “The Catholic Church is both homophobic and misogynistic. For any thinking woman to remain affiliated with it is akin to a woman staying in a bad marriage, believing that if she is simply good enough or obedient enough, he will change. I’ve been there.” I would add that in all male dominated organizations women are ignored – The American Congress, The United States Military, The Catholic church……………….


  11. My apology if I disrespected anyone.

    I wish to share my feelings on this matter. I and maybe some others who post here may have the same feeling I do, but I look upon the Catholic Church as a business, you have the employer being the parishioners and you have the employees being the pastors, priests and yes the Archbishop.

    When you have the managers in place such as the pastors and Archbishops, the employer (parishioners) should feel safe that he can trust his employees with the safety and well being of the business. In this case also spiritually.

    When events such as this take place or events that continue with clergy sexual abuse take place the employer (parishioners) can terminate that manager. I have always said and I always will say the Catholic Church is made up of the parishioners not the clergy. I could put a tent up in my backyard, have a priest who in his heart truly teaches the Roman Catholic faith and have people under that tent and what do I have ? A church. Those of St.Jeromes know of the main church but some may not know of the other church in the basement underneath the school.

    I have no idea why I should even care anymore, I am in my new church were I am very happy.
    and I will never turn back, but I guess there will always be part of me that says even if a little I’m still Roman Catholic and I’m trying to fight for once what was mine but taken away.

  12. Up until a short time ago we all saw this….

    Roebuck, Rev. John H., MDiv (1976)
    Saint Stanislaus Rectory 215-855-3133
    51 Lansdale Avenue 215-368-0220
    Lansdale, PA 19446

    Now his name is finally removed. Thanks to Catholic Mom. I love catholic moms! I sent some questions concerning this whole matter to the archdiocese..will post when we have some information.

  13. Always leery of lists. One accused priest attempted to flee the country recently. reminds me of the following

    “… the worldwide Oblates headquartered in Rome and operating throughout the world refused to change any of its policies to better protect children,” said Attorney Thomas S. Neuberger. “So, if your child is around an Obate in Philadelphia or Wilmington in the future, you might be a little safer. But if you come across an Oblate in Germany, Rome, India or South America, parents beware. The worldwide Oblates do not think enough about the safety of your children to adopt rigid policies to protect them, outside of Delaware and Pennsylvania.”

    Co-Counsel Stephen J. Neuberger added that “When Eric ****** filed the first Oblate lawsuit in 2004, James W. O’Neill was first removed and then placed on a farm site in rural Maryland. But then the worldwide Oblates sent him off to India to work with little children in an orphanage. And so we expect that is what the Oblates will do with their four living child abuser priests found on their list of 12 abusers. Two have already been moved off that Maryland farm and are in metropolitan Washington, D.C., where children are endangered. “Two are still on the farm, but we also expect them to be set loose soon.”

    One business being run by a religious organization was move from Glenside to another state. I wonder if they monitor that abuser”s calls? Lynn had to stay within the city limits. We thought a Bucks county judge would be strict, but allowed a priest only probation. Maybe they are afraid of Seth protecting the children of Philly and maybe the moms need to verify that new priest that is spending too much time with the kids. Yes the RCC has handicapped their own mission – they don’t know that TRUST is important.. A child might be ” a little safer” not much of an endorsement from a lawyer that has studied the abuse done by a religious group. Transferring from county to county, state to state to avoid problems has been the way abuse has been dealt with. Isn’t it great to have the archives at bishop accountability and the many search engines on the internet?

    Sorry, but there are a few survivors that are doing their best on this site that are males. Also, a few males that have been out in the freezing cold or challenged their diocese for the victims. Always was upset in the 60’s when males were left out of the rape debate when so many were abused. Can tell of the fathers, who spoke out about the same priests mentioned here and also those fathers who used violence when their children were violated, but that would violated my ethics of outing victims – not advocating violence.

    So thank you to all for protecting our kids.

  14. Thank you Catholic Mom. We are constantly ‘groomed’ by the AD into thinking they are all innocent choir boys and we are just out to ‘get’ the corrupt AD administration. It is obvious this man has no business being in a church after what he admitted to. What would Pope Francis think of his conduct? As the AD statement said about this creep touching another man “it is troubling BUT no minors were involved”. What is a 64-year old priest doing sitting naked on a Sunday in a sauna in the first place???

    1. Tom , Yes and luckily the internet and social media has made that grooming a tougher job now that so much information and sharing of information is available at people’s fingertips.

    2. No need for thanks. When the story first broke, Roebuck’s name was listed as staff at St. Stan’s parish. When the rest of the story came out where he admitted touching the man, I looked at the parish website again and noticed his name was gone. The reason I thought it was strange is because Logrip is still listed on their website as “on administrative leave”. Why remove one name from the parish site and not the other? Has a final decision been made about Logrip? So then I checked the AD website and saw his name was listed as a priest in good standing, but his address was c/o Vicar for Clergy at 222.. Why change his address from Lansdale to c/o V for C? Kathy dug into it and now his name is removed. So, even knowing that people are on to how they (mis)handle things, even knowing that people are watching every move, the AD still got it wrong.

      1. Yes we do need to thank you. If I knew what happened in Bridesburg I would have suggested the parish priest instead of possible incest when a young boy was groping other boys or in Fox Chase when a young man was murdered in front of a church. I was teaching a class of friends of his that Monday. I don’t know if any of them were affected by that priest who abused many in that parish. Only in 2004 I found out that a priest was abusing a child of 7 years in the child’s home. Was that priest in Fox Chase abusing kids at that age?

        Thanks you all we are holding the RCC accountable, Sorry, I always like to give credit to all on this site including the person who hold his son picture at every vigil and the parent who investigated his son’s shooting who is hopes others will find info to help find other abusers and the many others. And the woman who continues to speak about her life the abuse she suffered at a young age.

        The trolls don’t understand that their comments hertz themselves. They don’t understand that the superior court confirm the RCC has covered up the abuse – just don’t feel that the law applies in this case. Thank you again.

  15. My partner isn’t around. Don’t feel like talking anyway. I lost my mind a couple of hours ago. I was at Barnes & Noble and I was sitting in the lounge drinking coffee and reading and there was a Catholic priest that looked like McDevitt sitting about 15 feet directly in front of me and the worst part was, there were two little kids sitting at the same table. I know he was their uncle because I overheard the kids call him Uncle Ron. But anyway I just got the creeps really bad from this guy because it’s like he was almost going out of his way so that he could put his arms around both of the kids, and it was so strange that he even looked like he was uncomfortable reaching over the table the way he was. I’ve been down this road before and maybe I’m a little nutty, or even a lot nutty. It just really creeps me out when I see a priest hanging around kids and it’s even worse when I see a priest who makes physical contact with them, especially when he puts him arms around them. My mind wanders and I start thinking that he’s grooming them and I don’t honestly know what kind of creep he really is but that doesn’t matter either, because I immediately become very offended and I start arguing with myself and I wonder why he has to bend and twist his body in such a way that looks physically painful so he can put his arms around these two little kids. It was a girl and a boy, and I’m not very good with guessing kid’s ages, but I don’t think either one was older than maybe 7 or 8-years-old. It didn’t help matters much either that he reminded me of the priest that abused me.

    I wanted to just get up and get out of there, but I couldn’t. This has been the case before too. I don’t like being near priests who have the black suit on with the white color. It really screws up my brain and I only see one person when I see that suit and collar. I know it’s very stupid for me to stay there since the only reason I stayed was to make sure he didn’t do anything inappropriate to those kids, but I guess I should know better that he probably isn’t going to molest them out in the open in a public place, but at the time I was just so worried and I didn’t really think about that point until after they left. I stayed until they left and I even got this urge to call the police or somehow get him away from those kids. It’s so messed up and I hate that I’m like this.

    It took me almost an hour to drive home and I don’t even remember driving home. I had a panic attack when I left the book store and got into my car. I could see so many flashes pouring through my mind and I could feel the memories my body has and this nauseating feeling like I was going to vomit. I keep hoping that I didn’t screw up and those kids aren’t paying for me not doing something more. I hope they are okay. I feel very alone in my thoughts and I can easily hate myself for thinking these things that only ever make me more depressed and miserable. I know that I’m crazy but I can’t help it, because when I see something like I saw today it reminds me of a priest putting his arms around me when we were around other people and I wished the other people around us could’ve seen something that showed them I didn’t like him touching me or maybe they would’ve found out what he was doing to me and maybe they could save me. I really hope I didn’t miss anything or ignore something I should’ve seen. My brain is so screwed!

    1. V4J,

      Sorry to read about your struggles. As I told you before he was a sick individual. I hope that their parents understand that they need to listen to their children and understand that relatives and even priests can abuse. Something only you and the other survivors can understand. Wish the AD and the Oblates would listen like Tom Doyle did and show some compassion and give us the confidence that they are protecting children.

      Sorry for any pain I have cause you.

      Ed Gunn

    2. Rich: As Dennis said on a previous thread, the abuse we suffered is the gift that keeps on giving .I know that we would all like to take the gift back for a full refund. A life without the memories and the flashbacks and all the other garbage that comes with it. Not too long ago I witnessed a young mother give a full back of the hand to a young girl sitting in a shopping cart at the local Wallmart. I mean she gave her quite a shot. I almost completely lost it. I wanted to grab that mother and shake her til she realized what she had just done. But it wouldn’t have solved the problem. Some people just should not be near kids. In this case it was the kids mother.I believe that many of us who suffered abuse as kids are much more aware of this kind of behavior. Of course I didn’t do or say anything. I am so afraid that I could truly hurt someone in that situation. All that rage that still resides inside could come pouring out. I was so angry I couldn’t even speak to her. I so admire people who can handle a situation like that, calmly and without all the anger. But I am not there yet.

  16. Rich I know a man who was abused by a policeman . When I see a cop I think safety..he sees danger.
    Jim that is heartbreaking…there are some people who should never be near kids..some parents included.

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