Mistrial for Father Andrew McCormick

Click here to read: “Mistrial declared in sexual-assault case against Catholic priest,” by Joseph A. Slobodzian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 12, 2014

Excerpt: The accuser, sitting with his family, began quietly crying as he heard his own words describe how McCormick took him to the priest’s bedroom in the rectory, undressed him and tried to force him to perform a sex act.

Editor’s note: According to an Archdiocesan statement issued after the mistrial, McCormick “has not exercised public ministry” and is not currently a priest in good standing. “The Archdiocese was not involved in Father McCormick’s legal defense and did not underwrite its costs.”

In an effort to break the stalemate, the jury spent 90 minutes Wednesday morning listening to the court stenographer read back the accuser’s Feb. 27 testimony.

The accuser, sitting with his family, began quietly crying as he heard his own words describe how McCormick took him to the priest’s bedroom in the rectory, undressed him and tried to force him to perform a sex act.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140313_Jury_split_in_priest_s_trial.html#fzb3XzxbbjJwsbOT.99

12 thoughts on “Mistrial for Father Andrew McCormick

  1. Any thoughts on if the DA’s office will offer McCormick another plea deal, or will they go for it all ?

  2. “He has not and may not administer the sacraments publicly or present himself as a priest in good standing,”

    Why then does he continue to wear clerical garb ? This gives a false impression to a prospective jury that he is still a priest, I hope the DA in the up coming trial will do something to prevent mccormick from giving this impression.

    1. Do you have an hour to list all the discrepancies in how the RCC treats this crisis – I am sure you know. If it was 11 to 1 as stated by Dennis in an earlier thread and by another source, then we know who they believed.

      Unable, I don’t know who to trust. Everyone has their place in helping the survivors. Don’t know why that hasn’t been addressed (uniform or allowing assignments that allowed access to children after being accused etc.)in several trials knowing that the AD and religious continue to bend rules and yet the defense gets away with calling the person a “good priest”. Know there were a few survivors that wanted the civil trial in Wilmington to go forward to allow the abuse to be on public record – the judge did allow some to record their experiences. No one institution fits all, legal, moral, advocate and ministry. Bishopaccountibity is a great source but it is limited. SNAP does good things, but needs to realize that they may have violated certain trust issues which Rich has explained.

      The victims/survivors and their families need to be seen as individuals and not as nameless people. You know that, while many of us need to remind ourselves and the RCC needs to also. So many of us constantly rack our brains get upset at what “We failed to do” Gets us sick seeing a priest not in good standing in the uniform that allowed too many to steal the souls of our children do they get it?

    2. Up there for thinking……if it didn’t worry anyone who knew before hand, why would it matter now?

  3. This poor man served many communities. I knew and worked with him while he was at St. John’s. My son was an altar server under his supervision. Neither of us ever saw anything out of the ordinary in his behavior.

    The DA’s office needs to stop its witch-hunt and drop the charges against this man.

    Father Andy, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Steve, We welcome all opinions here including yours on Father McCormick. But it’s not just the DA. The archdiocese has taken its own steps to remove him from ministry. Doesn’t that make you pause? It wasn’t until I read the words of family friend (Father Dunne) admitting that he was a pedophile, that I could believe it. He hadn’t harmed anyone I knew – in fact he helped them. Sadly, he harmed many others. Yes, some are unjustly accused. But I would caution against using personal experience as your only barometer of the truth. It failed me twice.

      1. Has this priest’s personnel file been opened so the courts can determine the reasons he was removed from ministry? Or this that something the courts can’t access?

  4. It is perhaps a sad commentary, but I prefer to see priests in their uniforms. At least then I know they may be the enemy.

    1. Jim,

      Very true.

      However, if I was a defense attorney that would be the farthest type of clothing I would want my client wearing. Guilty or innocent.

      I am shocked the archdiocese allows the wearing of the garb also.

      If anyone has been in the service you may have heard the saying ” you don’t have to respect the man, but you must respect the uniform he is wearing”

      Don’t get me wrong. I am guilty of stereotyping. But if I did some good soul searching I might say it was never the uniform that abused me, but Robert Hermley who wore it, and another time I will say it was Robert Hermley who took advantage of that uniform and the power that came with it.

      1. The habit is a reminder of the supernatural dimension of the priesthood, that’s why…..lest anyone forgets.

        1. I think the dumbest thing to wear to a sex abuse trial in Philly these days is a clerical costume….and it’s nobody’s fault but the clergy’s.

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