18 thoughts on “Stars Join Movie On Boston Clergy Sex Abuse Cover Up

  1. Mona Villarrubia made the following statement in the comment section of that article:

    ‘”the complex human dimension behind such a case. “This is a very good point. I hope the director is able to present these complexities. Besides some clergy being pedophile criminals, some of the most heroic advocates for victims have also been priests, Tom Doyle, for example. I speak as a victim who has been helped by Fr. Doyle personally.”‘

    Mona, Fr. Doyle is a great priest, For his efforts to correct the evils within the Church, the Bishop in-charge of military chaplains at the time, had him removed from his position only months before his Air Force retirement. This would have prevented him from receiving his pension. Another Church sponsored him, so that he could complete his 20 years.

    There are some great priests, but the RCC INC, is heartless syndicate, rotten and evil to the core. Prelates like Cardinal Law are driving the force behind that evil. I hope the movie mops the floor with that creep!

    1. The Church that came to his assistance was the “…the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, a small body unrelated to the Roman Catholic Church.” Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien was the individual who attempted to damage Fr. Doyle military career.

      “I think the hierarchy has been gunning after him for a long time,” said Jason Berry, an author of “Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II,” which includes a sympathetic portrait of Father Doyle. “He has probably done more damage to the Catholic hierarchy of any priest in America.”


    2. I agree that the hierarchy of the RCC is the core of the problem. Until the current crop of those who seem to believe that they are above the law learn that the law applies to all persons–even bishops and above–nothing in the RCC will change. I pray that the day will come when we see Cardinal Law in JAIL!

  2. I am very interested in the question of Fr. Doyle’s retirement pay which is owed him. If it is not forthcoming, I will join with others of like mind and donate to a legitimate substitute pension that I assume can and will be instituted.

    1. nichols1, The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, a small body unrelated to the Roman Catholic Church stepped in to sponsor Fr. Doyle. In the military one must be sponsored by a recognized religious organization in order to serve as a chaplain.

      It is my understanding that The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church’s sponsorship allowed Fr. Doyle to complete 20 years of service, thus he is now receiving his military pension.

      Can you believe that the RCC would resort to such slimy tactics? I can.

  3. Rest in peace Robin Williams. As someone who has fought many of the same demons I hope you are finally at peace. Those of us who suffer or have suffered from clinical depression can fully appreciate the struggles that Robin Williams suffered in his life. The vicious cycle of depression, self medicating with alcohol and drugs, periods of sobriety followed by more depression, more self medicating seems never to end. It is a lifelong struggle that can end in misery and suffering for all relatives friends and admirers. So sad.

  4. “As the head of the military archdiocese, in a highly controversial move, O’Brien fired long time whistleblower and victims’ advocate Fr. Tom Doyle just months before his retirement.

    We have also urged O’Brian to explain why predators were allowed into the armed forces, why their crimes were kept secret and why whistleblowers who reported abuse were punished. He has not done so” (SNAP).


  5. Let’s hope that a mainstream film will help to spread awareness nationwide of the horrible reality of rampant abuse within the Church all over the US and the world. It needs to happen.

  6. This movie will not change in the opinions of Catholics who are aware of the issue of sexual abuse but who steadfastly fail to hold their clerics accountable, ignore the plight of victims, continue to pay$$$ into the church, and continue to play the clericalism game. Getting the Church to change depends on these people. But, as long as clerics can depend on their sheep, we can depend on the same-old, same-old.

      finally a reply to Fr dpu;e\s ex[pse pf tje RCC/What an utter disgrace and they call themselves followers of Jesus Christ. the history of the RCC is of scandal thur the centurioes. the dumb sheep in the pews dont want to believe all of thhis because quite frankly thhey do not know where else ot go. A stable rug of belief has been yanked out from under them and they dont know where to turn. thheir reaction is to sit with arms crossed as the collection basket goes by them and they leave the church after mass so disallusioned and angry.
      the hierarchy,clerics and religious all have considered the laity a bunch of dumb sheep….bully them and keep them in line. but this terrible scandal has ruinted so many lives of these “holy innocent6s” who were damaged for life and ridiculed. It only brought ot mind the horrors of our own childhood by a sexual perveert..and I am sure it did for others like myself.
      Living in their ivory towers of opulence, thhe hirerarchy sees no wrong in their actions or inactions.
      No trasnparency has allowed them to “dspend the widows mite” on whatever pleasures they wanted, hiding collection income andnot reaching out to provide ofr their own elderly kparishoners who have supported them for centuries. NO TRANSPARENCY!! THEIR SHOULD BE A BOARD OF SUPERVISION BY THE LAITY TO EXPOSE ALL THE CORRUPTION.

  7. Hi All,
    It has been a busy summer with family but we will back in action. I continue to seek answers from the Archdiocese concerning a variety of issues and am often told that I am being too specific..too hypothetical..or the my personal favorite..I am being too specific about hypothetical situations. Good thing I have sense of humor and the same passion I did 3 years ago at the start of all this…not going anywhere anytime soon..my questions will continue;)

    1. A few weeks ago I was at adoration feeling sorry for myself and I told Jesus “I didn’t deserve any of this” and I looked up at the cross and he said “neither did I”. Lately I have been thinking but Jesus you only lived til 33 I am 43 lol I always tell my kids Jesus doesn’t take you to heaven til you are done your good work on Earth and usually we are very old when we are finished our work. Its good to refresh and relax from all the hard work you and Susan do on this site Kathy because it is so easy to burn one’s self out especially because may times we have the compassion and depth that is lacking in the institutional church and you and so many others take this issue very seriously and much to heart which is to be commended. So welcome back and thankyou again to you and Susan and all who work so hard for children. You are in my prayers.

  8. Survivors, Who care about the reporters. Fr Doyle may be a saint – an ordinary person who does extraordinary things, but, the spotlight needs to be on the victims and their struggles.. Two movies “Spotlight” and “Foxcatcher”, will they inspire or will they follow the same formula as “A Beautiful Mind” or “Rainmaker”, brief discussions about mental illness/disabilities with no real action and no real understanding of the pain that people are suffering. Will the survivors of these events feel their story has been told? None of us are more important than those who have survived this along with the suffering they and their families continue to experience from the inability of the RCC to protect children.

  9. The movie may or may not be perfect, however anything that keeps this issue alive among the general population serves our cause.

    1. Agree, but this movie is about the reporters according to the article. Hopefully the victims and their struggles are a part of this.

      . “Such is the case with the appropriately-titled Spotlight, the true-life story of reporters uncovering a massive priest sex-abuse case. ”

      from http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Mark-Ruffalo-Rachel-McAdams-Michael-Keaton-More-Join-Priest-Sex-Abuse-Drama-Spotlight-66696.html

      Dr Who13, remember people who loved what David Koresh said at his trip to the Philly area. After WACO they realized not to follow leaders blindly. Know you mentioned him in a previous post. Hopefully a few more Catholics will understand the imperfections of their church after this movie and realize the struggles those involve faced. A catholic city like Boston had such a strong catholic population a two hour movie can’t do it justice showing the struggle individuals experienced. We take what we get and push for more. Have to stop idolizing our leaders and searching for perfection. That is what caused this problem in the first place – believing our leaders are perfect yet some like David K and the abusive priests have caused hell in peoples’ lives.

      My thoughts are always with the victims, survivors and their families. Sorry, but the rest of us are imperfect and will never understand what you have gone through. Hopefully, you understand that we are thinking of you in all our posts as we comment in our own way.

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