Catholic School Ignored Reports of Concern

Click here to read: “Female coaches ‘had sex with students for years,’ by Brad Hamilton, New York Post, August 30, 2014

Excerpt: “Two female basketball coaches turned a Catholic secondary school into Horndog High, bedding students for years under the watch of a skirt-chasing athletic director, according to an alleged victim and three school sources.

The NYPD says it’s now investigating sordid allegations swirling around Moore Catholic High School, a top Staten Island institution founded by nuns in 1962 and charging $8,000 in annual tuition.”

Editor’s note by Kathy Kane: It seems a person in the school community tried to do the right thing by reporting the coach, even though the school did not seem to take it seriously. Reporting suspected abuse is not an easy thing, especially when you are a member of the community and lack hard evidence. Penn State coach Mike McQueary walking in and seeing a child being assaulted was an anomaly. Most suspected abuse is gray area and it can be intimidating for a person to make a report. I’ve been researching archdiocesan internal reporting and confidentiality. Look for that post soon.

One thought on “Catholic School Ignored Reports of Concern

  1. Disgusting. Put them in jail. The thing is teachers are fired all the time for failing to live a Christian lifestyle in Catholic schools. In fact most Catholic schools have the teachers sign a paper that they will up hold a Catholic lifestyle. Teachers have been fired for using IVF, marrying their gay partner and on and on. This above story shows such a lack of common sense, self control and a moral compass not to mention criminal.

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