Minnesota Gets It Right With SOL Window Legislation

Minnesota may have brutal winters but the legislative climate is warmer for victims of child sex abuse. They can receive justice with window legislation and their communities are safer for it. Not so in Pennsylvania, where State Senator Ron Marsico, chairman of the judiciary committee, continues to block this legislation from making it to the floor for a vote.

Click here to read how another state has gotten it right: “Deceased Robbinsdale priest accused of sexual abuse,” by Madeleine Baran, MPRnews.com, Oct. 2, 2014

Excerpt: The lawsuits are allowed under a law passed in May 2013 that gives older victims of child sex abuse more time to sue. Minnesota law previously required sex abuse lawsuits to be filed before a victim turned 24. The Child Victims Act eliminated the statute of limitations for new cases of abuse and created a three-year window for older victims to file suit. The window expires in mid-2016. More than 30 clergy sex abuse lawsuits have been filed so far, according to attorneys at two law firms handling abuse cases.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota Gets It Right With SOL Window Legislation

  1. Opening a window would protect children today. Laws are made to keep order and provide for the public safety as well as protect our rights. For too long predators have been protected and children s right violated. The church in USA is too powerful and too rich. The church in USA will survive without all its money just as it has survived for two thousands years. The church leadership has so little faith in God. They need to trust God as little children and know that he will provide all that they need. I was blessed to see my dad return to a childlike faith so I know that is possible but many times that comes thru much suffering and pain. Pain and suffering united with Christ only brings good things. “Oh ye of little faith………..” The church leadership says they are responsible for the elderly, the poor, mentally challenged………don’t they see that God will provide if they put their house in order. Look at all the Saints many begged on the streets and they went on to baptize, convert, educate thousands……..The catholic leadership does not believe what they teach……they have no faith………

    1. I am glad for what happened in Minnesota but tired of the many other AD’s including Philly that continuously block laws that would protect children because the law changes would affect them financially. The church is first and for most a spiritual institution and I am tired of all the spiritual damage they do in the name of the “church”.

      1. Thank you Beth and I am pleased with your acknowledgment and this statement, “The church is first and for most a spiritual institution and I am tired of all the spiritual damage they do in the name of the ‘church.’” The problem is that the church refuses to see the problem. There seems to be a lack of awareness that the church is becoming part of the problem rather than part of the solution. It seems by minimizing the harm they have done they can maintain their peace and tranquility. It feels like they have put their peace above the needs of others, and in effect, ignores the harm they have done. In a way, their energy is going to warding off reality rather than dealing with it.

        They need to realize their omission has consequences, which cannot be undone. To a real extent there denial is a pathetic state. Their dissociation from women and children has become habitual and is a way of life and more precisely it is a way of not living. So I highly suspect life consequences will push the church over the edge and it will split into a thousand pieces. I say this because if the church leadership can abandon women and children as persons and separate themselves from these people as a “solution” then truly they are not individuals. The church is becoming many different “people” — and no one.

        The door within the church is bolted shut and the beast pounding on the door is horror.

        1. This program is from ChurchMilitant.TV
          Your comment above made me think of this video above how Legion of Christ made priests make 4th vow to never critiize a superior and that serenity was needed at all costs while ignoring the sexual abuse of children leading to spiritual chaos and destruction.

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