4 thoughts on “Date Has Been Set for Msgr. Lynn Appeal Hearing

  1. Unlike questionable “did he do it or not” child abuse offenses, Msgr. Lynn did do it. He supervised and protected Fr. Avery and enabled him to be in a position to do further abuse. He was released from prison on a technicality of law. In many ways, he is worse than someone like Fr. Avery who can be viewed as mentally sick. Msgr. was clear headed and conniving in his misdirected efforts to shield priests and the Church instead of shielding and protecting children. In how many other cases has this occurred? How many other priests has he protected and enabled? Surely more than just this one, though the supportive evidence may not be available for prosecution.

  2. So true Eileen. I can actually consider the possiblity of forgiving my violator some day because he had to be so very sick. I will NEVER forgive his religious order that dumped him into parish ministry to get rid of him, nor could I possibly forgive the institution, the archdiocese of Boston that shipped him to as different parish year after year so he could volunteer to help with the CYO ministry. THEY served him a smorgasbord of children to pick from like a kid with a sweet tooth in a candy store

  3. The two above comments said it ALL. He is worse than Avery and needs to go back to jail !

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