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WE NEED YOU! Please come out to support the legislators who are fighting to protect your children. Statute of Limitations Reform for Child Sex Abuse Lobby Day will be held on Wed., April 15 at the state capitol in Harrisburg. There will be a rally in the East Wing Rotunda from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. We need to show our politicians we care.

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  1. The cover-up of Father John Wellinger was bigger and more damaging than the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State Scandal. People lost their lives. Hospitals willingly covered-up. Police departments saw nothing, heard nothing and therefore reported nothing.

    Caltigarone and Marsico are puppets. It would have been too obvious to have elected officials from western PA block the legislation. As a matter of fact, if there are any elected officials who have signed on in support, please let me know so I can do a background check and let you know if an how they are connected to the ongoing cover-up.

    I’m finished for now, but at least you all know the rest of the story.

    1. Mike, I spoke to you a few years ago. The info you shared then was difficult to take in, but now what you have shared since then is even more toxic. My heart hurts beyond words for the boys who saw no end to their tortured pain. This institution has many, many blood-stained roads that lead to the \Vatican. If people knew the half of what goes on they would be in constant shock. I am sure you have given some solice to the families that have been horribly affected by the death of their dear children. You are indeed a voice crying in the desert! As a survivor, I have untold respect and admiration for you, Thank you for never giving up!!!

    2. To reply to Mike Ference, I do find interesting that in the same paragraph, you mention Caltigarone and Marsico are puppets. I do not have all needed to reply as in “if there are any officials whom have signed on IN SUPPORT-BACKGROUND CHECK”. As any Marsico would be on the unsupported side. However the name you mentioned Marsico, has, as well all are well aware, done everything in his power to consistently block any or all legislation for the sake of opening the window of Civil Suit legislation from the age of 30 to 50. I wish to state that I was molested as a child or pre-teen by a Marsico, whom not even the PennLive reporter was able to see if there is relation to my Rep. Chairman of the House Judiciary committee, Ron Marsico, in relation to / or benefit of the doubt-not related to my perp., EX-Father Guy David Marsico. If there is relation, to date, no-one is able to find that relation. We do have, and a few others out there, but all I will say that during an Ordination, while I was 14, (1982), we were, ex Father Guy and I were outside St. Patricks Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pa, and he proudly pointed to the Capital building and stated that he has a few family members that work in the Capital. Of which, in fairness, he told me that so often. That alone was enough for me to believe him, yet, to date, for some reason, no one is able to find the relation…it’s rather unbelievable. Not to mention, DA Ed Marsico, would be the other “family member” in which he was referring to. This alone could/would do all of us SURVIVORS a tremendous favor, at least here in PA state, as to specifically why Rep. Marsico, is so hard to be found as relative. Also, possibly answer WHY HE KEEPS SHUTTING DOWN THE ABILITY FOR VICTIMS SO SEEK CIVIL SUITS TO AGE 50, as well as other legislation on the table. Could or would that be something you could look into?

      1. Sorry to read that you were harmed by a person named Marsico. I see if I can get some background information on Marsico, especially your perp. The way Marsico and Caltigarone have prevented even discussion in committee about SOL is a pretty good indication that they are covering up for someone or something.

  2. Vicky I would do any thing I could for any survivor or their family. Sadly, in America, especially PA, justice is just a memory. Evil men and evil women claw themselves to leadership positions in evil organizations. PA government is one of those evil organizations. Sadly, I believe the Roman Coward Church falls under the same category. The irony is that the values and morals I learned growing up Catholic are the same values and morals I use to fight all the injustice in society. Now I know the same people who pass the collection basket in the local Catholic Church are the same people who collect the betting slips at the local gambling joints. Their wives pass out communion and serve as leaders of all the women’s organizations.

  3. Like I wrote, no hard feelings if you can’t post my writings. As long as you fear the enemy, they are winning.

  4. Wow what a day. Maybe some people will comment on lobbying today. I have to reflect on the day and then make some comments. All I can say now is I feel God working thru people. Please pray for the politicians and church leaders that their hearts are softened and they do everything they can to protect children even if in the short term if will be painful in many ways.

  5. Urgent Please call the PA Judiciary committees members tomorrow its extremely important before 10am and ask them to put the HB bills to the floor for a vote so they be voted on in the legislature. HB655, HB661, HB951 especially. Thankyou.

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